Thursday, January 08, 2015

2015 - Day 8

8th Jan

Highlight of The Day: Received compliments from Big Boss on my work. Hehe. So sweet!

Love my instant hijab. I think I need to buy more.

2015 - Day 7

7th Jan

Today I was feeling much better. But cough still remains.

So many things need to be taken care of at the office. Bought some munchies at Loaf. The chicken quiche was good. Left around 8pm.

Went to money changer for some HKD. Trip will be at the end of the month. Yeay!

Watched a few Long Island Medium episodes from season 5.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

2015 - Day 6

6th Jan
It was a Tuesday. I almost didn't make it to work.
On the first 3 minutes of driving, I was contemplating whether my ability to drive was 90% and above or not. Just before the corner to DUKE, I decided I shall have the will and power to drive on. Allah protected me along the way. I drove slow and steady at 80km/hr on a 90km/hr highway. Slow ke?
Today was the first sales meeting of the year.
At the office I promised myself to ensure my cough was loud and clear, so that people don't mistake me for a person who suka-suka take MC on a Monday. I'm not that type of a person okay. I also promised to really excuse myself out from the expected long meeting if I ever feel unwell and not deserving to be in the office yet. And go see Dr again.
However I cannot promise if my colleagues catch on this fever.
Long and behold, I survive amongst the cold sweat underneath my dress. Getting well also means your body is working itself out to get better. Meeting lasted until 12:45pm. Time for lunch. Meeting to adjourned tomorrow morning.
Almost 200 emails. Hmmph.
Had a productive day. Had chance to talk to big boss about more things than I initially thought.
Left office late today. Big boss also had to leave late bcoz of me. Thank you big boss!
Arrived home, my nephew was busy watching tv. Wanted to hug and kiss him, but can't, bcoz of my illness.
Along bought me dinner. Thank you Along! She has started coughing too. Oh no.... Sorry Along.
Ma sakit badan. Mouth also pain. I hope she don't get my hard cough.

Monday, January 05, 2015

2015 - Day 5

5th Jan
Surprisingly today I woke up with a determination.
Oh my. I had a real panda eyes today. How cute. Not.
Go see doctor. But the hard cough was making it difficult.
Glad that Dr Raj was on duty. I like this Dr. He was informative and very positive. He shown empathy. Not like some other Dr who, to me, abuse words saying all the problem in the world is just bcoz you are fat.
He did addressed this issue to me on earlier visit, but in a kind and intelligent way. He asked nicely too. So I replied him, I will not just try, but will make the effort. Thank you Dr Raj!
He explained to me like he was going to give me ten different medications. I can't really concentrate with my headache. I just said, what about my cough? Oh, that's the next medicine. Okay. MC please. I really can't go to work feeling like this. I can't even drive. Granted.
Oh btw, pa drove me. Hehe.
At the end I went out with only 4 meds. Antibiotics, caugh syrup, something for my flu, and paracetamol.
I ate nasi lemak bungkus daun pisang and milo o at Ali Maju. First dosage went into the system. Milo o too hot and too sweet. Had to bungkus.
Same routine as yesterday. But I drank as much water as I can.
Was it late afternoon? My bro and family arrived. They came after check up at the hospital. We were about to welcome a baby boy. Now at 39 weeks of pregnancy. But it was not time yet. So we wait for another week. That baby is going to be huge.
I was feeling a bit okay after taking two antibiotics. Less shakey. Headache almost gone. No more staring at the wall.
I went to bed as soon as I took the third dosage that night.
Can I go to work tomorrow?

Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 - Day 4

4th Jan
I felt terrible.
No desire to eat. So weird. But I kept drinking water.
Tried not to talk, coz if I do, the hard cough keeps on coming and you know what happens if you cannot control your body that way, other stuff will try to get out of your body too.
I had to wear extra protection to avoid much embarrasment. Like my hard loud cough was not embarrasing enough.
My back hurts. Probably from lying on bed too much. I woke up every now and then. Headache comes. I want to close my eyes but I can't.
I sat. Looking hard at the wall. The fan. The cabinet. The window. The tv that was not switched on. The books. The stuff. The stairs.
Terrible day. I can't even force myself to see a doctor coz I just don't have the energy to stand and walk.
Tomorrow then.